Two new organic and tasty dishes – sunflower burgers & quinoa balls

Image of the new products

Beans and vegetables with flavours from all over the world

This week marks the launch for two news products of ours! Jared has mixed beans and vegetables with flavours from all over the world, and has again created two awesome flavour combos! Like always, they’re organic, vegan, gluten-, soy- and additives free, and packed full of flavour. All the great taste comes from whole pieces of lentils, beans and seeds, and wonderful combinations of spices and fruit juices.

For the sunflower burger Jared has been inspired by a dish his mother used to make back in New Zealand. Here we have chickpeas with lots of sage, onion, sunflower- pumkin- and flaxseeds with a pinch of smoked chipotle. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s another tasty surprise in the form of dried apricots. Yummy!

The quinoa balls are based on organic green lentils, red quinoa and vegetables. They have a piquant taste of fennel and orange plus a subtle sting of black pepper. Although they’re of a traditional shape, we promise you a tasty sensation beyond the usual!

We are very proud of our new dishes and hope that all Ekko-fans out there will find them as tasty as we do! The sunflower burger is available at Coop, Willys, Hemköp, Tempo and ICA while the quinoa balls are found at Coop and well assorted ICA-stores. If you cannot find them in you local store, just ask, as they are available to order!

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