Peanut Burger double test winner!

Last week, Äkta Vara conducted a test of the Swedish alternatives to meat. They were looking at their environmental impact as well as taste, and they chose five different vegetable burgers as well as five types of vegetarian sausages from both small and large producers. The winner was the Peanut Burger from Ekko Gourmet in Malmö. It does not contain any additives and was chosen as the most environmental product. When tested for taste, the Peanut Burger was also named as the product with the best taste. This means that the Peanut Burgers were double test winners.

Jared Christensen, founder and CEO of Ekko Gourmet says, “Yeah it is wonderful, I am really proud and happy about this! The taste is a top priority for me and I achieve that with good organic ingredients that are free from animal products and additives. I eat tasteful, environmentally friendly food myself, so I really just make food that I love to eat myself. It feels great to have your products rank top of a test that is conducted by well-known and passionate food-lovers.”

Read more about the test here (in Swedish)

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