Our idea - Ekko Gourmet
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We love food! We are passionate about quality ingredients and exciting textures and flavours.

Ekko gourmet’s concept and goals are simple and come from the heart and soul. We offer amazing, tasty and interesting products. We use fantastic ingredients; whole chickpeas, lentils and beans, sliced vegetables, fruit juices, whole nuts and seeds, and lots of wonderful spices. We want you to have a taste sensation, and you will! You will bite into whole peanuts, you will crush seeds and spices between your teeth, and you will chew on whole pieces of succulent vegetables. These are just some of the things Ekko gourmet offers you!

All our products are organic as well as vegan, which means we don’t use any egg, milk, dairy or any other animal products in our food.

The Mexicali Nuggets, Lemon Masala Burgers, Nut Falafels, Beetroot Pucks and Peanut Burgers as well as the Minced Seitan are all produced in Sweden and are free from soy. And, apart from the Minced Seitan, they are also free from gluten. Our vegan, stuffed pasta, is produced in Italy and is made with tofu, seitan (wheat gluten), herbs and vegetables.

We proudly present our Ekko Gourmet products, concept and passion, and we hope you enjoy your ekko gourmet experience!

Bon Appétit!