Mexicali Nuggets now pre-fried

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We are now pre-frying our Mexicali Nuggets before freezing and packaging them, a fact that some of you have pointed out and asked us why.

It is because of a technical challenge in the packaging process of the nuggets. Every production day we have a problem when some of the (un-fried, frozen) nuggets have thawed slightly along the edges and then have gotten stuck on the sides of the scale and they do not slide down into the packages. Unfortunately, this has resulted in some customers getting too few nuggets in their package, which we obviously do not think is ok. Also, it is problematic for the whole production process, and  this problem forces them to stop the packaging process many times to remove the nuggets that have gotten stuck. Which is why we have decided to pre-fry the nuggets before they are frozen, since it stops them from sticking to the sides of the automatic packaging machine. Now  we can guarantee the amount of nuggets in every package will be 320g like it should. This means that we change the preparation instructions of the nuggets to 9-11 minutes in a 200°C oven. You will absolutely get the best result by heating the nuggets in the oven, and no longer in the frying pan like you used to. This of course frees up more of your time to prepare a fantastic rise dish , salsa or guacamole! ¡Buen apetito!

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