Why does the package state ”gluten free” when some of the products contain oats?

Oats are a naturally gluten free product. It is during processing of the grains that there is possibilities of gluten cross contamination into the oats. Oats are commonly processed in the same mills and factories as wheat, barley, and rye, and these grains do contain gluten. So, it is common that the oats we use in some of our products contain very small traces of gluten. We regularly send in our products for micro biological, nut, and gluten analysis and we can assure you that our products are gluten free. According to European food legislation any food that contains  less than 20mg/kg of gluten in the finished product, is , and can be labeled gluten free. On last analysis, our Lemon Masala Burger contained 6,3 mg/kg and Rödbetsbiffar contained < 5 mg/kg.

We are glad to say that if you are intolerant to gluten in your diet, or suffer from Celiac disease, you should have absolutely no problems with eating our products.

Do Ekko Gourmet use the same production facility for all their products?

Apart from our Italian pastas, all products are produced in Sweden.

Is there a chance of peanut contamination in Ekko Gourmet products?

This is a tough one to answer, but we must honestly say yes. The chance to have peanut contamination into ekko gourmet products is so extremely small, due to all the production and cleaning routines that we have in place. Our production facility is BRC certified, which means among other things, we must have extremely professional and controlled routines when handling sensitive ingredients such as peanuts. The production area and staff are isolated during the Peanut Burger production, and we have a triple cleaning routine at the end of the production day. During cleaning, all production equipment is disassembled and we are extremely thorough. If there were to be traces of peanut contamination remaining somewhere in the production hall, this would down to human error. Through training, awareness, and good routines we feel we have removed the risk of peanut cross contamination.

On our latest microbiological analysis of Lemon Masala Burger we also did a test for “traces of peanut”. The result was “ traces of peanut protein not established”. The Lemon Masala Burger had been produced the day after we had made Peanut Burgers.

Why are the Peanut Burgers and Mexicali Nuggets so hot with chili?

We use chili flakes in these products. The chili flakes consist of both whole chili seeds and the dried chili flesh. When you bite into a chili seed it is a very hot sensation, and this is what we want to give you. We could use ground chili, but then it is a different kind of sensation which would give you a very consistent heat. We want our products to give different sensations, a taste adventure you could say! With chili flakes one bite can be sweet, another savoury, another bite can be hot.